" Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates."
- Kate Angell


My current full time gig is at Fathead where I work as a Senior Web Designer. When I first started, I was the sole designer who designed our website, branding, marketing media and created the email html template that is still used today in our newsletters.

In 2012 I was given the responsibility of rebranding and redesigning fathead.com. My inspiration of the web site design came from my love of mobile and tablet apps. I wanted our website to be very modular to adapt to the different screen sizes of tablets and devices. After drawing up a concept, I worked with our web developer who helped me create a working prototype. After confirming its usability with focus groups, we went into full production and went all hands on deck to have it ready for our peak season. Instead of a separate semi-functional mobile website, we now had a fully functional mobile-ready website under one code base. It proved effective as our mobile traffic and mobile sales increased by 90%. Today, our mobile users consist of 40% of our traffic and our sales have reached record numbers this year. We are nominated by Internet Retailer as a Top 10 Mobile Commerce web site for 2014 and made the Hot 100 list for retail web sites. I created this design in honor of the award and made it into a 10'x11' wall mural.


This website is built with the Bootstrap framework. The content, layout and personalization are all hand-coded. The interactive functions are handled by JQuery plugins that have been restyled to fit the usability and style of my site. I have done this without altering any of their original code, but by appending code in a separate document for easy updating.

Eventually, I will have some of my Flash animations & interfaces posted here. While some feel that Flash is obsolete, I believe that it is still a valuable tool for animation. I still use the techniques I learned from Flash to create smooth and impactful animations in video or whatever platform I am using for the job.

Previous Versions of RogueForm.com:

Interface Design


Being a professional interactive designer of over 10 years, I've had my hands in almost every type of media. From branding and print media to video editing, animation and even some 3D design.


Web sites should be beautiful on the inside and out. They should be easy to understand and use. I am a firm believer that web sites exist to support information and not be the focus of attention.


Starting my journey in the spring of 2013, I hit the ground running with my Canon Rebel DSLR. Although currently just a hobby, I've been using my camera for my professional work as well.