Hello! My name is Tim Edwards and it’s nice to meet you. If you’ve never met me before and seen me in real life, you’d instantly catch that I’m a quirky fella by appearance. But don’t be too much of a critic Mr. Judgy McJudgerton! I am a creative person and I like to express that in all I do. Even in my appearance! I think it’s totally normal for a 33 year old grown-ass man to be sporting a hairdo that looks like I’m on my way to a cosplay comic book convention. Totally normal.

Besides hairdos, I have a lot of hobbies. I enjoy running, watching movies, building computers, photography, composing electronic music, and I play bass in a heavy metal band. I am a web designer by profession so you could add art and graphic design in my hobbies as well. With all these time-consuming hobbies, I really don’t have time to talk about sports or celebrity gossip, so please don’t ask.

I’ve been at my career for 10 years doing some form of production whether it is sound design, interactive design, websites, branding, and marketing, basically any project I am thrown into usually involves marketing a product or service. I started at a post-production studio where I assisted Audio Engineers in doing sound design for radio and TV commercials. I even got to assist in the production of a Cadillac Super Bowl commercial. From there I knew a lot about authoring DVD’s and video editing so I made my way into a creative house designing DVD’s and interactive Flash-based web courses for automotive companies such as Scion, Kia and Chrysler. From there I worked as a creative lead for the marketing of a software services firm. I am currently employed at Fathead where I work as a Senior Web Designer. Most of my work involves branding, creating an interface for our website, creating marketing print & web materials, and designing promotional web-based advertisements for our products.


I’ve been blessed to have a natural ear for sound, an eye for beauty, and a brain that is capable of tinkering and creating things. I sound like a total doucher here don’t I? That’s ok, my coworkers keep a special DB jar at my desk and I’ll be sure to deposit some extra money in it for this. It’s my biography isn’t it??!!? My secret recipe for success, though, is my persistent trouble shooting and my constant journey through life to experience as much as I can. Through trouble shooting you refine your skills and through experience (inspiration) you refine creativity. Something cannot be created from nothing. Therefore you cannot just create anything without having some inspiration and a whole hell of a lot of perspiration. If you ever want to be a creative professional, just follow my secret formula I guarantee some degree of success.



Talent only gets you out of the gates faster. Skills are your refined talents and help you succeed in everything you do. In a zombie apocalypse, wouldn’t it be nice to have as many tools as possible to survive? Not saying that you should hoard away hundreds of tools, but wouldn’t it be nice to have many survival skills put to use?

I have several programs I use in the course of my day for digital production. So rather than list the tools I use, I’ll list my capabilities instead:

  • Photo Manipulation
  • Video Editing
  • Sound Editing
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Interactive Design
  • Promotional Email Marketing
  • Promotional Web Marketing
  • Photography
  • Audio Recording/Mixing/Production
  • Wordpress Customization and Administration
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Texturing/Lighting
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Design / Promotion



Email me! timedw@gmail.com Find me on LinkedIn